The Fitting Room Chronicles

What is this?

Just Me. In a fitting room.
Just Me. In a fitting room.

Before I had a blog, or even Instagram for that matter, I used to photograph myself in fitting rooms.


I tend to shop alone, not because I don’t adore the company of friends, but when it comes to thrifting, I like to leisurely hunt and even arrive early to stores so I can get first dibs on fresh batches. And with no one around to tell me whether I look good in something or not, I would photograph myself so I can get a better view of what an outfit really looks like on me. Sometimes I would eventually send it to friends for a second or third opinion.


Once I joined Instagram, I began showcasing these images to share my experiences on thrifting, informing people how I know what really works for me, as well as any tidbits on buying vintage. I received such wonderful feedback from people that it ultimately inspired me to launch La Vintage Vida.


Now I’m going to you show on this platform those recent discoveries. Sometimes it will be comical when a zipper gets stuck or even tragic when a beautiful gown is just five sizes too small (ugh), but most of the time, these stories all end on a happy note.


Look out for more adventures soon!

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