Finding Glamour in Maine: Part 3

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If there’s one thing everyone goes to see at York Beach is the Nubble Lighthouse. It’s a big thing here and not visiting this monument is as sinful as not having any lobster rolls.


According to its official website:

In colonial days mariner traffic was important to the commerce of the area. Knowing that Maine’s rocky coast was very dangerous to those mariners and their livelihood, the Citizens petitioned the United States Government for a lighthouse.


In 1874 President Rutherford B. Hayes appropriated the sum of $15,000 to build a lighthouse on this “Nub” of land. On July 1, 1879 construction was completed on what, at the time, was known as the Knubble Lighthouse with a 4th order light began to protect our men and women on the sea. The men and women serving in the Lighthouse Service were the first guardians who provided great care for the light and its surrounding buildings.


My initial reaction? It’s smaller than what I thought it would be.

Photo by Jordan Race
Photo by Jordan Race

Hey, what did you expect? I’m surrounded by skyscrapers in NYC, so I’m not sure what I was expecting. And being surrounded by rocks and water was a little too “Scare Tactics” for me. What if I somehow slipped, fell, and landed in the ocean, never to be found? My mother said I’ve always had a vivid imagination.

Trying not to fall to my death. Photo by Jordan Race
Trying not to fall to my death.
Photo by Jordan Race

For my visit to the quaint, picturesque Nubble Lighthouse, I wore a watercolor painting-inspired silk dress that I purchased during one of my thrifting adventures. It was quite fitting, don’t you think?

Photo by Jordan Race
Photo by Jordan Race

For a similar look:

And did I talk about the lobster rolls? They’re everywhere, including right by the Nubble Lighthouse. I definitely wasn’t complaining.


And ice cream. It was also everywhere. Like this vanilla soft serve cone dipped in chocolate fudge. Oh baby.


Oh, and let’s not forget minty mojitos and beers by the beach. The mojito was mine, of course.


Later in the evening, Jordan and I decided to have a date night at cozy Mimmo’s Italian Restaurant. It’s your town mom and pop eatery where locals go to satisfy their pasta cravings along with bottles of wine from home (it’s BYOB). Mimmo himself walks to every table to greet his guests. The portions are ridiculously HUGE. Bring your appetite. My pasta was drenched in white wine sauce and the shrimp was merely a handful. But, I ate it happily. Jordan’s lasagna was saucy and loaded on the cheese. He cleaned his plate, too.


For the evening, I decided to channel Josephine Baker in my own way, spit curl and all.



I wore a silk fuchsia dress, also from the same thrifting adventure from Manhattan.

Photo by Jordan Race
Photo by Jordan Race


Photo by Jordan Race
Photo by Jordan Race

For a similar look:

I felt like a 1920s silent screen star!

Photo by Jordan Race
Photo by Jordan Race
Photo by Jordan Race
Photo by Jordan Race

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