The Fitting Room Chronicles: In Search of the Missing Rabbit Dress

I’m a big thrifter, but who doesn’t love a visit to H&M for some stylish bargains?

While on a recent visit, I found a dress that was unique to me because it wasn’t a style that I would normally go for.


It was a dark flouncy, flare dress with a rabbit print that was being sold for $29.95. I loved it. This was the perfect way to welcome the fall season and it would complement a seriously moody berry lipstick.

Sadly, I didn’t take the dress with me because the sleeves were rather snug on me. That’s what I get for lifting weights. And of course with my luck, the store didn’t have a bigger size.


Sure, my wallet was content staying fat, but there was something about that piece. How perfect it would have been to wear it for a crisp autumn day and give my usual corselet belts a break? My tummy definitely wouldn’t have minded that.

I tried researching this dress online and, to my surprise, I couldn’t find anything. I even called H&M and no such luck. I felt like I was about to jump down a rabbit hole just to find, well, a bunny dress.


Has anyone seen this dress or has more info? If so, I would love to hear about it.

I’ll get that rabbit if it’s the last thing I do!

3 thoughts on “The Fitting Room Chronicles: In Search of the Missing Rabbit Dress

  1. Hi!!! I saw this dress in preston last week and love it sooo much!!! I needed an 8 or 10 but they had a 12 and 14 don’t know if this helps?!!! Hope u find it , Kate xx


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