The Fitting Room Chronicles: Channeling My Inner Golden Girl

I may love the hunt that thrifting offers, but occasionally, I like to join every other girl as they find dangerously cute pieces at H&M. There always seems to be a sale at this popular retailer and they constantly offer stylish, yet budget-friendly selections to help me mix and match with my growing vintage collection.

One Friday after work, I decided to look around my local H&M and found this leafy ensemble:

“Insert Caption Here” -No really, I couldn’t come up with a good caption. Um, me in a fitting room? Good enough? Good.

This song originally came to mine while I was observing each angle:

Get it stuck in your head now. You're welcome.
Get it stuck in your head now. You’re welcome.

But really, I was thinking more about a southern tart. And no, I wasn’t hungry for those peach ones covered in pecans by granny. Those are good, too.

I of course, was thinking about famous bed-hopper Blanche Devereaux from my favorite show of all time, “The Golden Girls.” Aside from her never-ending list of lovers, Blanche was famous for her bedroom, specifically its decor.


According to Texas-based design studio Benton Art & Design, the banana leaf pattern, which transformed Blanche’s bedroom into a “wild sex jungle,” was inspired by interior designer Don Loper who, in 1942, created this pattern to “evoke the easy breezy attitude” of the Fountain Coffee Room for the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is still found today.

So back to this dress. The V-neck ensemble, which was originally priced at $49.95, was available on sale for $25. Not only is the waist elastic to maintain any unwanted pouch that apparently wants to come out and play for the summer, but its soft rayon fabric is absolutely perfect to beat the heat.


If you really want to go all out, may I suggest the Charlotte Olympia “Meredith” wedges? They feature a similar print. Except I believe these came out back in Spring 2012, so good luck finding them. Personally, I prefer simple tan sandals with a pedicure featuring a pop of color. You can never go wrong with classic red.

Credit: Charlotte Olympia
Credit: Charlotte Olympia

Fortunately, you can still snag the same H&M dress I fell in love with for the same sale price.


Get it now before it’s gone by clicking here.


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